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23rd July 2024 
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Counselling in West Norwood

As you have found your way here, it might be safe to say you are searching for answers, something is bothering you or you are considering making some changes in your life. I am a Counsellor based in West Norwood, I also offer Clinical Supervision.

The aim of the Counselling I offer is to help you overcome personal issues by giving you the opportunity to safely explore and understand yourself, this will assist you to strengthen your self-identity and your self-awareness and will enable you to become empowered to deal with problems in life you find yourself faced with.

Many people experience emotional difficulties at some point in their lives, Counselling can be helpful for a wide range of problems, these can include:

Childhood and unresolved Issues from the Past
Controlling behaviour
Family tensions
Lack of sense of identity
Lifestyle choices
Loss of direction
Loss: (zest for life/sense of purpose or identity/sexual desire/redundancy)
Obsessive behaviour
Panic attacks
Personal development
Recklessness: (self-destructive)
Relationship issues
Self-esteem issues
Stress-related problems
Traumatic Experience
Trust issues
Work-related problems

As a Counsellor I can help you identify underlying problems and issues, as well as assist you in finding the best ways to cope. As a Counsellor we will work together to help you find healthy ways to change behaviours that may be contributing to your problems. Counselling
can help you identify constructive ways to deal with a situation that feels as if it is beyond your personal control.

The way I work depends very much on what you would like to gain from your sessions. I see our work as a joint collaboration working together. The first session is an assessment session as it is the chance for you to assess if I am the right person for you. It also gives me the opportunity to understand what you are looking for and to see if I feel what I can offer will suit you.

We can then agree what would be helpful for you. This may be for a set number of sessions – perhaps six or ten – or be left open. I work with people for any length of time according to their needs. This is determined by regular reviews of our work together.

Please contact me via email or phone to book in an intial appointment for Counselling.

My counselling practice is in South London (West Norwood), it is within easy reach of Central London, from London Blackfriars, London Bridge and London Victoria mainline stations by train and bus from the following areas; Croydon, Dulwich, South Norwood, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Herne Hill, Streatham, and Brixton. There is also plenty of unrestricted on-road parking.

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